How to play Deal Or No Deal

If you want to play Deal Or No Deal in online casinos for real money, the rules are pretty much the same as if you were playing in the TV show.

Your goal during the game is very simple: get the most amout of money from the Banker either by taking a good offer or finding the highest amount in your chosen box.

In the Deal Or No Deal casino games there are 26 boxes you can choose from - just like in the TV show.

At the beginning you choose one to be your suitcase - if you never take any of the offers by the end, you will end up with the money in your chosen box as a prize.

Then you need to start opening the other suitcases.

There are 6 rounds - just like in the TV show.

In your first round you need to open six boxes. Then the Banker will make you an offer.

You need to press "Deal" to accept and "No Deal" to reject the offer.

If you accept the offer, the game is over. If you don't, you go to the second round where you need to open another 5 boxes.

The whole process will then be repeated until you accept an offer or are left with only two boxes.

In the third round you open 5 boxes, then in the fourth and fifth rounds 4 boxes. Then you get a final offer.

If you reject the final offer of the Banker, then the two boxes are both revealed and you win whatever amount is in your box.

In the online casinos you can also choose the "quickplay" mode which will reveal the necessary number of boxes of the current round randomly.

The great feature of the game is that you always win! It might be a smaller or bigger amount, but you are never left empty handed!

A huge advantage of playing in online casinos as opposed to the TV show is also that you can choose your own stake. This way you can risk as little money as you want or you can go for as big a prize as you want.