Deal Or No Deal Strategy

When to make a deal and when not to deal? I am sure you spent some time thinking about the only decision in Deal Or No Deal.

There are complicated matematical formulas out there but I doubt you want to start calculating odds and means instead of enjoying your game.

I think most of us just want something simple that we can rely on, some quick guidance to help us decide when to deal and when to play on.

People don't usually make a deal in the first two rounds just because there is too great a chance to score big later and the offers are usually low because even if you have most of the big numbers still in the game, you have many of the small ones too.

It starts to get interesting in round 3 but I rarely make a deal there. In general if you have a great offer you might decide to take it but most of us are here to play and not to deal that early in the game.

Nevertheless if you expect that you would get a lower offer in the next round, you should definitely make the deal.

The most common point to make the deal is in the last two rounds.

When you have five boxes left there is a common situation that might accur: you have 4 small numbers and one very big number.

In this situation the offer is usually between the big number and the biggest small number.

At this point you have a 20% chance of holding the big score while an 80% chance of going home with peanuts. Or you can take a guaranteed medium payment that is usually not too bad.

In this situation I almost always take the deal and I make a great deal 80% of the time.

Even if you have 2 big numbers and one is a really big number, your offer will usually be more than your second biggest box.

Sometimes the situation is more complicated and you have a lot of big numbers in play. In that case it makes more sense to go on to the last two boxes.

In the final round your risk-tolerance matters more than anything. If you have one nice big number and one small, safer players would take the guaranteed medium win.

It depends on my mood and if I like the offer - sometimes I take it and sometimes I just go for it and try for the big score.

It does matter a lot how much risk you like to take - when you are playing for free, you might as well play all the way. When you are playing for real money, you might consider taking a deal if it seems like a good deal.

You just need to play and find your own style. Have fun!

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