Deal Or No Deal Scratch Card

For the lovers of scratch cards {{LadbrokesCasino}} has Deal Or No Deal Instant Win!

Playing this game is easy and real fun.
There are 22 numbered boxes in the Deal or No Deal Scratch Card game.  All the boxes are hiding different prizes. These prizes are displayed on the right and left hand side of the screen. 
Underneath the displayed prizes, you can find a row of grey squares which indicate how many boxes you need to open that contain the exact amount that you can win. For example, to win £500 you need to open 3 boxes containing £500, or to win £25,000, you need to open 5 boxes containing £25,000.
By pressing the play button you will pay a fixed prize (£2) and begin your Deal or No Deal Scratch Card game.
First of all you need to do is choose your lucky box. If you can't decide which one fits you the best you can use 'AUTOPICK'.
Now by clicking on the remaining boxes you can start revealing the cash amounts. If you in a hurry just use 'AUTOPICK'.
After opening the 14th box you will need to decide if you take the banker's offer and play the bonus round, or complete the game.
If you take the offer simply click on 'DEAL' and you get to the bonus round. In this round there will be three dedicated prize amounts and three boxes.
If any of the amounts in the boxes match any of the 3 amounts shown above then you win that prize.
If you choose 'NO DEAL' you will complete the game. When there are only your lucky box, and one other box unreveiled, the banker will offer you a swap.
Regardless of you accepting the offer or not, if the amount in your lucky box, or the remaining box completes a row of boxes below a cash prize you win that amount.
Do not hesitate, try this fantastic Deal or No Deal Scratch Card game right now!